Hi, this is a warning about a cult from Korea, which is attempting to establish itself here in South Africa. They are very deceptive and trick people into becoming involved with them. The cult is called Shinchonji (SCJ), Man Hee Lee is the leader (and Messiah) and Mannam is a volunteer organization that they use as a front. They are organizing an event (or some events) in Cape Town on the 15th of December 2012.

Their modus of operandi is often as follows:

If you are asked to join a Bible study for free with someone or over Skype be aware. It is quite possibly the Shinchonji cult.

They run a Bible study, in which they claim they only use the Bible to interpret the Bible, so it sounds like a good thing (but they are actually teaching you one man’s interpretation, Man Hee Lee). If you ask who is behind the Bible studies they probably won’t tell you. If you keep asking they might tell you “Zion Mission Centre” or “Zion Christian Mission Centre” or “Serving Christ Jesus” which is the same letters, SCJ, ShinChonJi…  they seem to be targeting Christians.

In the study they teach you figurative meanings for words, e.g. heaven is church leaders, earth is the congregation, sea is the world, & so you end up with a completely different interpretation of the Bible (read Rev 21:1 with these meanings instead of the straight forward ones!). They also claim that the leader, Man Hee Lee, has been given the correct interpretation for the book of Revelations and that it is being fulfilled now in Korea, and you have to hear his interpretation and believe it to be saved. According to them Jesus isn’t God, the Holy Spirit is just a bunch of angels. Man Hee Lee is the “promised pastor” that they claim the Bible points to, he is “the one who overcomes” in Rev 2&3 (to them it’s singular), he is the white horse that Jesus rides on in Rev 19, he is the Counselor in John 14:16!

They also have a volunteer organization called Mannam, which claims to be a non religious organization, promoting world peace, but actually it is part of Shinchonji. They use this as a front to get people to come to the Shinchonji events.

There is an event in Cape Town on 15 December, possibly at Cape Town City Hall. They have invited or will be inviting pastors from Cape Town so try get the word out, especially to those in CT.

They use secrecy  and deception, which they attempt to justify by using Scripture! They are really a work of the devil, an antichrist. Although they don’t deny Jesus outright, they do deny His deity.

We need to warn people to be vigilant and alert, because they purposefully don’t tell you who is behind their Bible studies, and the way they twist Scripture is very subtle at first.

Here are some links that show the truth about them:




This is a good one refuting their teachings-

And here are some of their own sites:



Below is an email which was sent to SA Shinchonji members, which they did not want people getting hold of, because they don’tt want their event jeopardized - all the more reason to send it on! J (The ‘Korean English’ is very apparent – it has not been edited.)

Note the abbreviation: SSN = Seongseng Nim, the Korean word for teacher. Lots of Korean cults refer to their messiah as SSN.

You are welcome to forward this on - we need to get the truth out there!!!

“Dear Churches 

it is now going summer and i feel like going to beach^^ ( Not now)

Wonderful nature of South Africa make us humble before God’s throne. we have more opportunity to understand the principle of nature that is God divine. with 23 days left towards SSN visits, we are moving more and more fast.

I hope we all pray so hard to accomplish God’s will.

The purpose of SSN vist

1. To let all mankind know that Shinchunji is the only the place that can receive salvation and The avocate, who is Chairman of Shinchunji, is the only one that can lead us to heaven.

 2. To make everybody recognize Only Shinchunji can show heavenly culture. Mt11:27

 Let us do not lose our focus on the purpose of SSN visit here.

In terms of the event, First priority of event should be Open bible seminar

we should put our energy and all the efforts on OBS first and the others are rest.

if we can make it perfect and beatiful then there is no argue. if we can bring many pastors,members and medias, then SSN should be pleased.

Mannam and WPI is just instrument to take an eyes from Media and Keyperson.

Eventhough the size of event that we will do in Capetown would be small, important thing is let Press and Media should know about the SSN.

Person who going to meet is more important.

The Keyword is SSN

and SSN ‘s purpose is to let mankind know Revelation and fulfilment so that no one can excuse i did’t hear the words.

The work we are doing now is not measurable thinking of ourselves. it is already beyond capacity ourselves.

However this is how God works. if we do just things that we can do, man will say ” i did this Job”

but with numerous prayers and seeking God’s wisdom desperately, if we did something that beyond our ability, we will say ” God did this Job”

Obviously one of that ways will be judged but one of the ways will be admired.

God always ask us to overcome!! but if we do things that just we can do. How we can say ” Father i did overcome like you, Jesus and SSN” in front of God’s throne. we should manage ourselves and find a way to cope with all the matters with God’s divine nature.

please constantly hang on God’s purpose up until finished.

Then How we can seek God’s wisdom?

Just prayer? NO!

If i myself am God’s instrument, Others too are God’s instruments.

Therefore we should trust 100 % eachother.

if one do not believe that God will use not only myself but also the others, the one willnot listen to eachother.

we will not do work by oneself but seek God’ wisdom from each other.

(Heb3:15, Heb4:1~2 , Nu22:30~33)

That is the way that SSN do too.

SSN entrust duty to us

Surely the cock of the walk and the self-righteous isn’t God’s instrument.  

Let us be true believers and True Belivers will acheive.

More importantly SSN belives in you.

Let us overcome!! amen

Have good day

thank you

Love JUNU”

Below is some sketchy info on the Cape Town meeting: It’s worth noting – “He is the one whom everyone must meet at least once in their lifetime in order to achieve world peace,”


Cape Town, South Africa—Man Lee, Chairman of South Korea’s largest nonprofit organization Mannam Volunteer Association, will speak in Cape Town, South Africa on December 15 in regards to his work with international leaders in Europe, Asia, America and Africa for peace in their nations.. The Peace Conference is a part of Chairman Lee’s third world tour and “World Peace Initiative” movement, which brings international leaders and citizens to table talks for peace.

Chairman Lee is confident that such discussions for peace amongst world leaders and their citizens will ignite international activism for peace. “He is someone who has been continuously working for world peace. He is the one whom everyone must meet at least once in their lifetime in order to achieve world peace,” said Kim Nam Hee, Chairwoman of Mannam Volunteer Association.